CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - Police are hoping the third arrest is the charm for one Tulsa man.

Police say, Monday night, Clark Gatwood led them on their third pursuit this month. This time, he was arrested by Creek County sheriff's deputies.

Officers said it’s his third high-speed police chase in a stolen car in the last three weeks. They hope he stays locked up this time.

Chase number one, February 2nd. Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers say Gatwood stole a running pickup from the QuikTrip at 23rd and Southwest Boulevard.

Tulsa Police and OHP chased him to a church parking lot on North Sheridan and eventually stopped him.

One week later, it was like deja-vu.

They say Gatwood stole another car left running outside then led officers on a high-speed chase from I-244 and Lewis to 30th and North Garrison.

That time they said they found a small amount of meth on him.

After two offenses in a week, a judge upped his bond amount from $17,000 to $100,000, but the order didn't reach the Tulsa County Jail in time and Gatwood bonded out on the lower amount that weekend.

Then, on Monday, deputies say Gatwood rinsed and repeated, with another stolen car and another chase, this time in Creek County.

OHP trooper, Dwight Durant, said, hopefully, it's the last time.

"The fact that we've chased this guy three times in the last three weeks - us, Tulsa Police, Creek County deputies - is very disturbing, and we're not very happy about it," Durant said.

He said every police chase puts officers and other drivers at risk.

And, as for Gatwood, reports show he ran stop signs and reached 100 miles an hour at some points.

Durant said, "We're standing here talking about it today, well, next time we may be talking about that he's killed somebody."

Although Gatwood is in custody on $60,000 bond, the Tulsa County Jail does have a hold on him, meaning he'll have to report there as well.

Police also want to remind all car owners to never leave your car running while unattended.