TULSA, Oklahoma - One of two brothers charged in the execution-style murders of four women almost four years will finally go to trial Monday.

There are many reasons why first, James, and now Cedric Poore's case dragged on so long -  James Poore was, in fact, convicted  and sentenced last spring to life without parole.

One of the most recent reasons that the case was extended was because of a huge discovery of previously-unseen evidence.

In October of last year,the district attorney told the judge a TPD detective overlooked evidence - enough that it fit into four, three-ring binders and 16 CDs. The judge delayed the trial.

Cedric Poore is charged in the murders of Rebeika Powell, Kayetie Melchor, Misty Nunley and Julie Jackson, who were all found with their hands tied and shot in the head at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments in January 2013. During James' trial, prosecutors said James and Cedric robbed the women and James shot them.

The defense claimed it was the work of a cartel.

Jury selection began Monday morning.