TULSA, Oklahoma - Dreams of a white Christmas in Oklahoma were dashed this year but, there's a Christmas village inside a Tulsa home where there's always snow and holiday spirit. 

In Dr. Lloyd and Linda Anderson's home is a world many folks would love to live in.

"It's just our little fantasy village that we've had all these years," said Tulsa resident Dr. Loyd Anderson. 

We'll call it Snow Village, Oklahoma, where it's Christmas all year long.

Complete with snow capped mountains, sparkling lights, houses, a town square, restaurants, shops and even drive-in movie theater with a working screen. 

"Each of them has sweet, little memories," said Linda Anderson. "This little filling station looks like my uncles that was the corner of Dewey and Maple in Sapulpa." 

The Andersons started collecting Department 56's Snow Villages nearly 30 years ago after buying a little white chapel. 

They now have more than 350 pieces, so many that they turned their kids' old playroom into the cozy village town, a place to break away from reality.

Before converting the old playroom, it took the Andersons four or five days set up their Snow Villages. 

"I can't even explain really the peace that I feel when I walk into because it's perfect. There are no political problems, you know, it's just the perfect little place," Linda Anderson said. 

But they say that peace they find in this room is nothing compared to the kind that comes through the Christmas season.

Which is why a nativity from TG&Y, which was the first piece they ever bought as a couple, is the most special piece of Christmas they put out each year.

"You can't forget the reason for Christmas," Linda Anderson said. "Jesus, the reason for the season."

Although the holiday season is coming to an end, the Anderson's Snow Village is not because they keep it up all year long.