TULSA, Oklahoma - Every blank wall on downtown Tulsa buildings seems to be a canvas, and huge murals are popping up all over.

And that’s no accident; if you have the space, a group of local artists is ready to fill it for you.

Much of Tulsa's downtown has a distinctive style. Well, now there is something else - murals. They are popping up all over and they're really well done. It’s not unwanted graffiti anymore, it's art.

"The difference is graffiti, you don't want it, art, you want it," said building owner, Mike Meehan.

Meehan said he always wanted a mural on his building, now he's got one. All three sides of his building at 4th and Owasso are covered.

There’s Star Wars on one side, Transformers on the opposite side, and Firestar in the middle, with Spiderman enjoying a cold one.

A group of artists headquartered in the old Sheriff's warehouse, the Clean Hands group, is responsible for most of the new ones - like the one on the back of our old building at 3rd and Frankfort.

"It's a little abstract meets fun," artist Justin Baney said.

He’s one of the artists on the project. He said there is nothing haphazard about it - the building owner comes in with a concept and they work together.

Meehan said, "Basically it's tattoos for your building. It's becoming mainstream."

You can learn more about the Clean Hands artist coalition and a Mural Festival coming in May, here.