TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police say a woman's quick thinking helped them track down two teenage boys who broke into her car near 21st and Sheridan. 

Police said they found the woman's prescription sunglasses inside that vehicle. They also found items inside from what they believe are other burglaries.

Police believe the juveniles may have been involved in other burglaries as well. 

It started when a woman went to let her dogs out around 4 a.m. Monday, January 30, and saw two people inside her vehicle. 

The woman took a picture of the suspect vehicle's tags before the two teenagers jumped in that car and drove off.

As they were leaving, police say the woman's son grabbed a bat and smashed out their windows.

 TPD eventually tracked down that car near 3rd and Yorktown and arrested the two juveniles. 

The driver was 15, News On 6 was told.

Police say they don't encourage anyone to fight back - but they're glad to get this woman's stuff back to her.

"I can understand it, having stuff taken from you but it's better just to try and get the description like she did," said Cpl. Dan Miller. 

Police say the suspect vehicle belonged to the mother of one of those teenage boys.

One of the suspects managed to escape from police but was later recaptured.