TULSA, Oklahoma - Investigators are searching for the caused a house fire near Virgin and Sheridan early Wednesday.

Firefighters say the home was a total loss, but a man who had been living there made it out safely.

News On 6 is the only station with video of the home as flames destroyed the structure.

The home's resident told firefighters he was sleeping, when he woke up to the fire and ran out of the house.  

The fire department says the fire was so intense when they arrived, they had to wait before they could go inside.

The man told News On 6, he was fixing up the home for his mom.

The home had steel walls and firefighters say that held the fire inside.

"It is gonna have issues with expansion that you're not necessarily gonna see. It may or may not ventilate as quickly through the top, which is gonna push a little more heat directly on top of you," said District Fire Chief Bryan Hickerson.

The Red Cross is now helping the man find a place to stay.