TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Fire Chief Ray Driskell has been issued a gun despite not getting state-required CLEET certification.

News On 6 first learned of the allegations when a firefighter called for Driskell to be suspended and investigated for inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.

Deputy Fire Chief Scott Clark confirmed to our partner The Frontier Driskell was issued a gun by the department.

Department records show Driskell got a 40-caliber handgun in August of 2015.

CLEET's director said it has no record of the chief receiving certification.

Attorney Joel LaCourse, who represents the firefighter, said the law typically only allows certain members of a fire department to be armed.

"Those members include the fire marshal, fire investigators who, only after being CLEET-trained and certified, can be issued and purchased a sidearm," LaCourse said.