The widow of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson said Monday that Rep. Fredericka Wilson's account of President Trump's phone call to her was "not fabricated."

In an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America," Myeshia Johnson said she was "upset and hurt" after the call she received from Mr. Trump.

Johnson said that the president "couldn't remember my husband's name" and she said that "hurt me the most." She added that Mr. Trump was stumbling to remember her husband's name even though she said he had details about her husband in front of him. She said his phone call made "me cry even worse."

Mr. Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to dispute Johnson's account.

Johnson said that Wilson, a Florida Democrat, was telling the truth about the phone call she received from the president and that what she said was "100 percent correct."

Wilson had listened in on the phone call that Johnson received from the president. She had said last week that Mr. Trump told Johnson that her husband "knew what he was getting into."

Johnson's husband was laid to rest on Saturday after his funeral was held in Cooper City, Florida. Johnson died on Oct. 4 when his patrol was ambushed by about 50 extremists along the Nigerien border with Mali. Lawmakers have been demanding more information about the attack.