DUSTIN, Oklahoma - It was a special night in Hughes County as two competing football teams played each other, each with a unique story.

There's nothing like a Friday night under the lights in Oklahoma.

And for two teams, it's been a long time coming.

"This must be what it was like for some of these coaches like Tom Landry, you know, having to field a program and get these guys to learn," said Steve Corn, coach of the Graham-Dustin High School varsity football team.

This year Graham-Dustin is finishing up its first varsity season.

Before the schools consolidated five years ago, Graham never had a team, and Dustin had one about 100 years ago.

They played Wilson, who's only had a football team for two years. Now the two schools with two short histories are colliding on the gridiron.

"I like it. I like it a lot. A bunch of my friends, I like seeing them, the progress that they made and everything," said Derrick Jennings, 10th grade student.

Wilson Coach Ronnie Titsworth said the excitement of putting on that uniform and hitting the Friday night field never gets old.

"Experiencing Friday night lights, it's hard to explain until they finally get to experience it themselves, so now that they get to enjoy that its pretty exciting," Titsworth said.

Wilson Senior Silas Mitchell said football not only helps him bond with his teammates, but also gives him perspective off the field.

"It keeps us all on our toes. Were all doing something, we're not just at home doing something that we shouldn't be doing," Mitchell said.

And for many the best part is learning how to play the game while gaining yards and lifelong memories along the way.

"You're gonna remember this for the rest of your life. These guys that you're playing ball with, in a sense you're forming a brother hood," Corn said.

The superintendent said they're looking for a donation of bleachers, because there's only one small set.