TULSA, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma Navy veteran who hoped to see his beloved Dallas Cowboys in action Sunday had his dreams dashed by a medical emergency.

But a Dallas area woman was on a mission to fix that.

We talked with her via Skype about an encounter she said was meant to be.

"We just had a great connection," said Stephanie Wilson.

Wilson is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys but she said she only made it to a handful of games.

Sunday's showdown between Dallas and Kansas City is one she won't forget.

As she entered the stadium, she saw a man lying on the ground with blood on his face.

"Just instinct took over, and I just ran over there and started taking his pulse, and he opened his eyes, and we kinda chatted, and I think he was kinda in shock at first," Wilson said.

Stephanie said the man told her he was from the Tulsa area.

She noticed he had two medals on his hat and a list of medications in his wallet. She said he also told her he had a metal plate in his head.

She knew with that kind of history he would not be spending the day with the Cowboys.

"I said, 'oh I think you're going to have to go to the hospital,'" Wilson said. "Of course that's not what he wanted to hear. He wanted to go to the game."

Stephanie posted the story on Facebook, hoping to give her new friend a second chance to get back to Texas Stadium.

And before long, that wish was granted.

She said a Tulsa couple has offered to let the man use their suite at the Cowboys stadium.

"So I am on a mission to find him. I just want to hug his neck and I am praying so much that he's OK," Wilson said.

Stephanie later called us to say she found the veteran whose name is Bill Loyd.

She's working to connect him with the couple who donated their Cowboys tickets so he can see his team in action.