BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Beginning Monday, there will be a public art treasure hunt in Broken Arrow.

A couple of local artists will create art installations in city parks. 

The treasure hunt will be a fun way to enjoy the art and maybe find a park you didn't know about.

News On 6 stopped in at Your Design, a gallery space and framing shop on Main Street in Broken Arrow.

"It was a way to collaborate our passions with the parks of Broken Arrow,” said Inglett.

She says the installations will be temporary and will work with the natural beauty of the park, public art, public parks.

“It's just gonna start popping up as we get different locations approved,” she explained.

The first one is Nienhuis Park on North 9th Street, so we pulled out our phones to find the park. Inglett wanted to point out where to look for the installation.

“There's a particular grouping of trees,” said Inglett. "It's a bunch of tree in a row… We find the trees, we'll find the thing.”

If you look at them in a line, you'll be able to see the image they've painted there. So, we drove over there.

The hunt starts Monday; have fun. 

But in the meantime, check out the watercolor paintings Your Design will be showing Thursday evening.