TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are releasing more information about the suspected sexual assault of a custodian at Edison Preparatory School.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Jillian Phippen said at this point, it's unclear how two 13-year-old boys got into Edison Prep after hours.

But when the alarms tripped, TPD went to the scene.

"We started talking with a TPS employee that arrived and realized there was a custodian inside that stated she had been sexually assaulted," Phippen said.

The custodian told police she was working in the fieldhouse alone, when the two boys came up to her.

"They were basically giving her a hard time, picking on her, pestering her," Phippen said, "the individuals grabbed her buttocks. She knew this was not a good situation for her."

Phippen said she tried to call her supervisor for help, but that call was disconnected.

"The reason why it disconnected is because the juveniles had taken the phone away from her so she no longer could call for help," Phippen said.

"They continued to pester her, give her a hard time, she's trying to get her phone back. And that's when they grabbed her breast," Phipped said.

Phippen said the woman did eventually get her phone back, and the boys left.

"It was quite alarming for her obviously. They had already broken those boundaries one may have and assaulted her, so she knew she needed to get that phone," Phippen said.

Officers arrested the boys on sexual battery and second-degree burglary complaints.

And although Phippen calls the crime unusual, she said, "kids are committing violent crimes at younger ages all the time. We see that all the way up to homicides unfortunately."

In a statement, Tulsa Public Schools said:

We strive to be a destination for excellence to teach, learn, and work, and that means that the safety, health, and welfare of our team and community members is vitally important. Every person in the Tulsa Public Schools family should feel safe and supported in our schools and buildings, and we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that this is a reality every day. 
Unfortunately, an incident occurred earlier this week that is not reflective of our environment, our students, or our community. On Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, two Edison Preparatory School students stayed in the building after hours. These students allegedly harassed the night custodian. The Tulsa Police Department was dispatched to the school and took a statement from the custodian. 

This is an ongoing Tulsa Police Department investigation, and Tulsa Public Schools will provide any information or assistance needed. In addition to supporting TPD fully, we are also reviewing all of our security practices to ensure that our schools and buildings are safe spaces for our teachers, students, staff, families, and community members.