TULSA, Oklahoma - Two parents are in jail after police found them passed out while their two toddlers were locked inside a bedroom.

Breanne Steed and her sister, Nicole, said they couldn't get any type of answer from inside the home, so they called police and fed two toddlers through the window on Thanksgiving.

Breanne said a little girl around 5 years old showed up at her home around noon on Thanksgiving. The little girl stayed all day, playing and even eating a turkey dinner there.

"So, we're like, ‘Okay, it's time to go home.’ That's when everything, you know, kind of took a turn. When she said she can't," Breanne said.

Breanne said she had her two older boys walk the girl home but they came back minutes later saying no one would answer the locked door.

"I asked her, ‘When was the last time you've seen your parents?’ And she said, ‘Well, they got up, they cooked us breakfast, put me outside and went back to bed,’" she said.

At that point, Breanne and her sister Nicole went to the girl's home and saw two toddlers sitting in the front window.

"When we were down there trying to knock on the door, they were sitting in the window looking at us…’Okay, that's weird. Where's your mom and dad,’" Nicole said.

Breanne said, "We went back down to the house, we gathered up some food, took it back up there. We were feeding them through the window."

Breanne said they took action and called police to get the little ones out of there.

"You cannot be afraid to say something. You cannot be afraid to speak. You have to. These are kids that don’t have a voice for themselves,” she said.

Police found the parents - Jason Hernandez and Jori Goble - passed out inside and arrested them on child abuse complaints.

Now, the sisters are asking others to get involved if they see kids in their own neighborhood who need someone to stand up for them.

"It takes a village to raise kids. It's about the community. The community needs to get involved. The community needs to understand that this happens, and when it does happen, you cannot be afraid," Breanne said. "Just ask questions. It's as simple as that."