TULSA, Oklahoma - At least one man is going to prison after a violent string of armed robberies around Tulsa over the past year.

Quentin Nails, 19, will be serving 17 years in prison and another 3 years suspended with credit for time served - for his involvement in an armed robbery crime ring.

When we talked to police in March, they told us an offshoot of the Hoover Crips gang had robbed more than 20 restaurants in a six month period.

They said in one case at a Taco Bueno, the men attacked a female employee who was curled up in the corner and "punched her, kneed her, kicked her, and stomped her."

It's not clear from court records which exact robbery Nails was sentenced for.

Records also show Cordney Bell, 36, who is also charged as a part of this crime ring, has a court date coming up in February 2018.