TULSA, Oklahoma - An incident on Christmas day left a woman’s 3-year-old son hiding in the bathroom and sent her ex-boyfriend in jail.

Catherine Avery is 6-months pregnant. The father, Zachary Wells, is accused of attacking Avery and her family inside their home on Christmas Day.

"I was in the restroom and I heard belligerent cussing and I knew, 'Oh no, this isn't gonna be good,'" she said.

The arrest report says Wells showed up at the house, drunk, and that things got violent, fast.

The report says Wells hit Avery's 14-year-old brother and repeatedly pushed his head into the wall then twisted the boy's arm behind his body and threatened to break it.

"His eyes just got really big, like, what is going on, and he booked out the front door," Avery said.

Wells came back a few minutes later and attacked Avery, grabbing the phone out of her hands while she was talking to dispatchers, the report says.

"I just told police, ‘Please hurry up and get here...Something is wrong with him, he is not his normal self right now,’" she said.

Police say that is when Wells screamed at Avery, pushed her down, hit her and tried to choke her all in front of her 3-year-old son.

"It's Christmas. We are your family. I'm pregnant with your child," she said.

The report says Wells tried to run from police twice that night and then escaped from the back of the patrol car.

Police caught up with him in minutes and arrested him on several complaints including domestic assault and battery of a minor.

"It breaks my heart for Zachary because he is not a bad man, he's had a rough life," Avery said. "It's heartbreaking, it really is heartbreaking."

Police say Wells threatened several officers at the jail, saying they would be sorry if his handcuffs came off.

Wells does have past felony convictions.