WAGONER, Oklahoma - An investigation is ongoing after a former Wagoner school administrator was accused of kissing a student in a closet.

The victim told police Robert Schaefer kissed her twice on the forehead inside the closet. Schaefer told police he did not kiss her at all.

Schaefer, the former Wagoner High School Dean of Students, is charged with two counts of battery - one for grabbing a student and the other for kissing her twice.

Court documents say Schaefer has known the girl since she was young and on November 28th, the teenager came out of the bathroom, upset about something going on earlier in the day.

She says Schaefer grabbed her by the arm and brought her into a janitor's closet. She told police he held her and kissed her twice on the forehead.

Wagoner Police Detective Ben Blair says the teen spoke up to her teacher about what happened, leading to a police investigation two days later.

Schaefer told police he didn't kiss the student but says when he saw she was upset he didn't think she would want to talk about what was wrong with other students around, so he took her in the closet.

He says he put his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest.

"That was his backing behind it. Was that he was trying to console her because she looked upset," Blair said.

When police got involved, Superintendent Randy Harris says he put Schaefer on paid leave.

"I think we responded correctly. I think we did it diligently," he said.

Schaefer resigned December 15th.

Harris says the district gave police security camera footage from inside the school.

"The security camera helped to corroborate what we read in a text message," he said.

Court documents say in 2016 a teacher accused Schaefer of kissing a girl on the forehead in the hallway.

Blair says the school looked at security cameras then but didn’t find anything so the issue was dropped.

We stopped by Schaefer's home Thursday but no one answered.