TULSA, Oklahoma - A scary night for one Tulsa teen after he had to be rescued from an icy pond.

Crews were called to an area near 85th and Lewis Saturday.

They said a teenager tried to walk across an icy pond and fell through.

Firefighters said he was not able to get himself out and someone called 911.

Crews used a raft to rescue him.

Firefighters are asking people to be more cautious when dealing with icy water.

"We haven't had that many hard freezes if you don't think it’s a good idea don't do it. It's probably not. It's best to just stay off of it all together," said Tulsa Firefighter Traer Burnett. 

The age of the victim has not been released.

Firefighters tell us he should be okay.

This comes after a man died this week after falling into a pond in Catoosa.