TULSA, Oklahoma - A memorial to honor of a murdered Tulsa woman is stolen for a second time.  Friends and family of the victim have just one request, bring the memorial back, no questions asked.

Someone shot and killed Peggy Gaytan while she worked at the Shell gas station at 36th and Harvard on December 22nd, 2011.

Police believe it was a robbery gone wrong, but no one has been arrested for the crime. 

Every year her friends and family lay a memorial cross with candles outside the Shell station to honor her memory.  They want to continue to bring awareness to the murder, hoping someone might come forward with information about who killed her.

Friends say this is the second year someone has stolen the memorial. 

"It's like somebody doesn't want people to know about her death. They're trying to conceal it. They know something. They have some guilty conscience," said Brandon Whitebook.

Employees say if the wreath is not brought back Thursday, they'll release the security camera video of the theft to the media.