BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - A Bartlesville city employee used a makeshift lasso to save a drowning dog Monday from the Caney River.

Officials say the city's Director of Engineering Micah Siemers used the lasso made out of an electrical extension cord to pull that dog out of the water.

Siemers says he was taking photos in Johnstone Park for a project when he saw two dogs walking on the ice in the river.

"I saw two dogs, which appeared to be a chihuahua-mix and pit bull/boxer-mix, walking on the ice. I thought, 'That probably isn't a very good idea," Siemers said.

He then saw one of the dogs in the water. So he called 911, then went looking for something to rescue the dog.

"I knew I couldn't get on the ice, and all I could find was a stick," he said. "Then I saw the Christmas lights from the Fantasy Land of Lights Festival."

He fashioned a makeshift lasso with an electrical cord lying nearby and began trying save the dog.  Siemers said after a number of tries he was able to hook the lasso around the dog's neck and leg, pulling him to the river bank.

An animal control officer arrived and took the rescued dog as well as the other dog who didn't get into the water to the Washington County SPCA.

"He does have a microchip, but the owner information is not current," said SPCA technician Olivia Codding of the larger, rescued dog. "If an owner doesn't come to claim him, he'll be available for adoption in four days."