OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Lawmakers at the Capitol are trying to learn more about medical marijuana before the statewide vote on June 26.

Officials from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, including Director John Scully, met with Representative Bobby Cleveland and legislative aids Wednesday to discuss their concerns.

One of the main issues is the potency of medical marijuana, that has gotten more powerful though a competitive market place.

"There is so much science and technology involved today that they can make medical marijuana at THC levels that can be several hundred times stronger than what was even here five years ago,” said OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward.

THC is the component that gets you high from marijuana.

OBN says lawmakers in Colorado tried unsuccessfully to cap levels of THC years after the state passed medical marijuana.

Another concern is figuring out how to regulate a business that deals in all cash due to federal banking regulations.

“There's a lot work that needs to be done to get this going,” said Rep. Cleveland.