BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Broken Arrow compounding pharmacist is using his training to produce a line of all-natural men's grooming products and something that might knock down your flu symptoms.

DJ Lees is a compounding pharmacist. Because of his training, he can mix up medicines, drugs, tinctures, and ointments of all kinds.

Looks a little like a mad scientist.

Not totally surprising then that he might conjure up a line of men's grooming products called Doo'd.

“Everything in our product line is all natural," Lees said.

First thing was a face wash called Face Crap. Remember this is guy stuff, not girl stuff.

After that, a head to toe body wash called “Stud Suds”. 

After that, a hair conditioner.

"From there, we went with the beard oil. The beard oil led us to shave stuff," Lees said. 

All these products are designed to do three things he said: to clean, to smell good, and to make you feel good.

“Drives the ladies crazy," he said. 

That's four things; seems like we've gotten off the pharmaceutical track.

I also heard he was creating something with elderberry which might help moderate colds and flu.

"I was asked by a local physician about elderberry a couple of months back,” Lees said. 

He did some research and found elderberry has been used for thousands of years in natural remedies. It can moderate viruses like cold and flu.

He makes these little elderberry gummies, which aren’t FDA approved but it won’t hurt ya, they might help. 

Maybe not so mad science after all. 

Interested? Visit the pharmacy’s website