CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Rogers County residents are voicing their concerns after a deadly crash Wednesday morning just outside of Claremore.

They say they've told officials about problems along Highway 20, but those concerns are going unanswered.

The crash happened at the intersection with 4120 Road. 

The county said improvements are coming, it's just going to take some time.

But residents said this is something that just can't wait.

For Eric Jochmans and the rest of his family, Wednesday’s deadly crash is a grim reminder of improvements that he said need to be made to make this intersection safer. 

"We've seen so many wrecks over the past 12 years that we've lived here, it’s just so many close calls on a daily basis for everybody," said Jochmans.  

Jochmans said he and his family use the intersection about 5 to 6 times a day but now try to avoid it. He wants to see more done. 

"In my opinion ... caution lights, hazards intersection, dangerous intersection signs but first reduced the speed," said Jochmans.  

District 3 County Commissioner Ron Burrows said he understands the concerns. He said they have placed large intersection signs before the roads cross and said more will be done including possibly reducing the speed limit. 

Burrows also said that once the new highway 20 opens, they'll be less volume on the current road. But that's not expected to be completed until 2023.  

"We will take [a] hard look at this intersection and just see if there's things that we can do," said Burrows.  

Jochmans said he wants the hills on both sides leveled out and wants a permanent solution, not just a quick fix for the good of the community, his family, and to prevent another loss of life. 

"What happens when I get a call that my wife and two girls T-boned at this intersection or injured or I lost them?” said Jochmans. 

ODOT said right now they are making sure there is not an immediate safety hazard and ask that people remain vigilant of both the speed limit and stop signs.