TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man will be buried on Thursday after deputies say he was shot and killed on Thanksgiving. They say Staijeck Helm heard his truck alarm, went outside to check and was shot by a teenage burglar.

Helm's obituary says he was married, a father of three and nothing mattered more to him that his family. Deputies say Helm’s own sons, tried to save his life with CPR.

Detectives say ever since Staijeck Helm was shot and killed in his own driveway, they have been working overtime to find his killer.

"It has been a case that has had the Red Fork area, Berryhill, scared frankly because this was a father of three who was gunned down in his driveway on a holiday morning," said Casey Roebuck of Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say tips from people living in the area led them to 17-year-old Brendon Davis, who’s in jail for murder and Bambi Ashley, who’s accused of accessory afterword.

Brendon Davis


"We had very little to go on in the beginning, all we had was a skinny, possible teenager that fled the area on a bicycle," said Roebuck.

The arrest report says after the shooting, Davis rode his bike a block away to a friend's house. Two rifles were missing from the victim’s truck.

"We know to be fact is he made some sort of admission to his friend's mother, Miss Bambi Ashley, that he had hurt somebody, not far away from the scene and then all the sudden first responders start showing up," said Roebuck.

Deputies say Ashley tried to cover up the crime by getting rid of or hiding the guns stolen from the victim's truck, the murder weapon and Davis' bike. The report says Ashley told detectives several stories before admitting Davis gave her a black revolver and she asked a neighbor to get rid of it.


"It's unclear to us why somebody would put their own freedom in jeopardy to help cover up a crime especially one as cold-blooded as this," said Roebuck.

The arrest report says Davis told deputies he had thought about killing himself every day since he shot Helm. Investigators are still looking for the murder weapon and the victim’s guns.