MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A Muskogee restaurant was damaged after Police say a woman crashed into it during a chase. 

Broken glass, brick and other debris still line the area in front of the Speedway Grille. A big hole in the restaurant has been boarded up but the damage to other buildings remains.

"I was kinda shocked," said Mike Withrow, co-owner of the Speedway Grille in Muskogee. The popular hamburger chili and breakfast restaurant had a hole in the side of it. Just feet away two vacant offices and a vacant home were also damaged Withrow said. 

"It was hard to believe that a car could do that much damage but evidently she was really flying when she hit the building so you know that's part of the deal just couldn't understand why," said Withrow. 

Muskogee Police said they chased Opal Turner after she drove off when an officer tired to stop her. The chase lasted a few miles and ended when she crashed into the Speedway Grille. 

"We don't open until 7 a.m I'm just glad my that the cook lady wasn't here," said Withrow. 

He said no one was in the restaurant at the time and that community support for the 22-year-old restaurant has been fantastic. Nearly 300 people have stopped by to see if they can help, said Withrow. 

"The people around here are just fabulous you know I can't tell you the amount of people that's come by you know what do you need I'll do anything for you and that's been really good," said Withrow. 

Police arrested Turner for eluding, possession and for several traffic-related offenses. The Speedway Grille hopes to reopen sometime Thursday. At last check, that suspect was still in the hospital. 

Opal Turner.