TULSA, Oklahoma - The Save-A-Lot grocery store that opened three years ago in West Tulsa closed today. The manager said it will reopen under the same name, but with different owners.

In the final hours of business, the shelves were almost bare - and the aisles almost empty.

A 50% off sale attracted a few customers - but they didn't find much they could buy. Shopper   Jeff Kilgore said “I went in there, I didn't know they were closing, I had a list, and they only had one thing on my list.”

The closing comes three years and a month after it opened.  An investment group, Honor Capital, owns nine Save-A-Lots and is selling them all, according to store manager Jim Kulchinski.  “The customers and the volume of the store was not the problem,” he said. “The customers came and it was a great store, and that's why it was bought so quick. So hopefully they can reopen by the first of February.”

The closing comes after the shopping center was improved and is almost filled with tenants.

A new clothing store just opened a few doors down.

As prices were marked down, frozen foods and fresh meat sold out first.

A few dry goods remained on the last day.

The manager said the new owner wants to reopen quickly and make some improvements - and they hoped to dispel any fears the largest storefront at Crystal City would stay dark for long.