MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Law enforcement agencies across Green Country are gearing up for the biggest party night of the year.

Many agencies have been warning the public for weeks on social media of the extra patrols. OHP says 656 people were killed in crashes last year and almost half of those were drug or alcohol related. They say they have a plan to lower that number this year as several agencies will be teaming up to saturate Green Country, looking for dangerous drivers.

"So they will be looking for impaired drivers, not only with alcohol but also with drugs, checkpoints around the downtown area. There's going to be specific checkpoints from 9 pm to 2 am in the downtown area," said Trooper Adam Wood.

Troopers say ten different law enforcement agencies are helping with the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign to get impaired drivers off the roads.

"When cars come up to a checkpoint, they are asked for a certain documentation, check for any impairment, if there's none found they are on their way," said Wood.

OHP wants everyone who plans to go out tonight to have a plan in place.

"We just ask that those who do drink to either have a driver or a way home or they can even make arrangements to stay where they are,"  says Wood.

Some departments are taking it a step further. Bartlesville Police Chief Tracy Roles is offering to drive people home tonight, for free within city limits. 

Troopers say nothing is more frustrating than people driving drunk with kids in the car.

"None of them are good but that one kind of hits home with us who have kids. All of the accidents, alcohol or drug-related are preventable just keep that in mind," said Wood.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is offering a $10 off code for UBER rides tonight. Law enforcement encourages those who don't have rides to use services like UBER and Lyft.