LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Police officers had a little fun after a doughnut truck burned in Lexington, Kentucky Monday. No one was hurt - so first responders turned to social media to express their desolation over the possible loss of sugary treats.

WYKT, the CBS affiliate in Lexington, reports the Krispy Kreme delivery truck driver was traveling on the interstate after making a delivery. He noticed some smoke in the cab of the truck and pulled off. Another driver flagged him down and told him his truck was on fire.

Crews were able to extinguish the fire shortly after it was reported. They weren't sure how the fire started, but the truck was expected to be a total loss.

Lexington police were able to make light of the situation after everything was resolved, as they took to social media to show their displeasure over the loss of the truck.

It could have been worse. Turns out the truck wasn't carrying any doughnuts at the time of the fire.