OKEMAH, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is watching over his elderly mother tonight after she lost everything in a house fire over the Holidays.

Matt Henneha is giving his mom a roof over her head here in Tulsa after her home burned New Years Eve Day in Okemah. Henneha says he knew something was wrong after getting a phone call around Midnight.

"If you're getting a call this late it is one you don’t want to answer and sure enough it was my aunt crying," said Henneha

He rushed from Tulsa to Okemah to find his childhood home still burning but he says no fire crews on scene.

"After a while I realized 'Where are they at?" and someone told me the crews left a while ago and I'm like "but look at these flames," said Henneha

The Okemah fire department says they did everything they could since the home was a total loss when they arrived. They also had to deal with a lack of hydrants and staff of volunteers.

"You left family there to watch flames its like slowly watching someone die," said Henneha

Matt says he is now helping his mom Valerie work with her insurance company but it is the outpouring of support that has blown him away. So many have donated to the family’s GoFundMe page but the are mostly strangers and friends of friends.

"The support has been phenomenal. Words are not enough but it is kind of all we've got right now. I would thank everyone personally if I could 51," said Henneha

Also, Valerie wasn't home when the fire broke out because she was helping out at church. But she did lose her dog, Cotton.

"This is a slap in the face, but you try not to get so depressed," said Henneha

Red Cross and Creek Nation are helping and neighbors and friends are offering everything from clothing to equipment to help during this time.