OKFUSKEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Updating breaking news out of Okfuskee County, an Okemah woman is dead and investigators say her son-in-law is suspected of shooting her.

34-year-old Anthony Spain was booked into the county jail on a complaint first-degree murder. The Okfuskee County Sheriff's office arrived at the home in Okemah just after 7:30 Saturday night. Inside they found Teresa Smith dead and Anthony Spain, her son in law, in the home with her.  Then they called in OSBI.

"We sent crime scene technicians and through the investigation developed enough information at that time to arrest Anthony Spain for first-degree murder,” said OSBI Special Agent Steve Tanner.

Special Agent Tanner says Spain was armed with a shotgun and shot one round into the ceiling and then shot Smith two times.

"It's a shock I just can't believe it I never thought in a million years this would happen,” said Spain's sister Lucy.

Investigators are still piecing together what happened inside the home but Spain posted comments on his Facebook page that day sounding like it was some sort of self-defense.  

'God help me why did u try to kill me I ask u to stop' he wrote.

"Some comments made by him and heard by his wife saying I didn't want to do this,” said Tanner.

But that's all investigators could say.

"Didn't seem like there was any conflict but you never know what's going on on the inside,” said Lucy. "It's just sad on both sides I've known Teresa my life but I've also grown up with my brother, but I've also known her my whole life.”

Family members say Anthony's wife has custody of the children and is staying with other relatives.