OTTAWA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Green Country attorney is in jail Monday night, facing a 10 count indictment, including solicitation for murder and pandering for prostitution.

Officers arrested Winston Connor in North Carolina as he returned from a vacation in the Caribbean. The indictment was issued in November but just unsealed today.

Winston Connor is a well-known defense attorney in Jay.

The state's multi-county grand jury accuses Connor of having connections to a convicted killer named Slint Tate, who prosecutors say ran a huge meth operation from inside prison walls, with an illegal cell phone.

Connor is accused of asking Tate to have one person assaulted and another person killed. Connor has denied both and filed a slander lawsuit.

The grand jury also indicted Connor for prostitution-related crimes and indicted one of Connor's clients, Loren Sells. She and two other women are accused of running a lucrative prostitution business in the Tulsa area.

An affidavit says Loren Sells started as a prostitute working at massage parlors in Tulsa, then married the owner of the massage parlors and took over the business when he passed away in 2016.

It says she was using Swedish Relaxation Center, At Ease Massage and All Hands On, as fronts for prostitution and the three shops have an average income of $30,000 a month. It says she used more than 25 bank accounts and seven shell corporations to hide the proceeds from the businesses.

It says she lived a lavish lifestyle that included a Maserati, Bentley, Range Rover, designer handbags, jewelry, and even children's Gucci belts. Sells has bonded out of jail.

Connor will be brought back to Tulsa to face the charges. His attorney says Connor is innocent and this investigation is the result of a vindictive DA in Ottawa County and the way Connor was arrested instead of letting him surrender, was only done to humiliate him and create sensationalism in the media.