TULSA, Oklahoma - The Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Tulsa is re-opening its doors after a fire forced it to close a few months ago.

The hotel posted on its Facebook page asking people to join the staff to celebrate the re-opening of the newly renovated Hyatt Regency hotel.

The hotel has been closed since mid-November due to a fire that forced about 400 people to evacuate and then re-locate to other hotels.

The fire happened during a busy weekend, both the Route 66 Marathon and the Arabian Horse Show were happening in Tulsa.

Officials told us the sprinklers in the building went off causing a lot of water damage and they had to use a fire extinguishers, which caused a different type of damage.

They set a couple of different dates to tentatively re-open but kept pushing those back while they made renovations.

The hotel tells me it plans to start checking people in around 4 p.m. today, but they will do their best to accommodate people who need to check in earlier.