JENKS, Oklahoma -  Parents of Jenks students say they found out about a threat hours after school got out Tuesday.

"I was actually going into Reasor's around 7:30, and my daughter -- I left my phone in the car. And she's the one who answered my phone and that's how she found out about it,” Tammy Russell said.

Russell's daughter goes to the Freshman Academy, which did not go on lockdown Tuesday. Jenks Public Schools says it was about to issue a lockdown, but within minutes, police found the suspects and took them into in custody.

"Even though nothing happened, it's scary to hear that they were actually in the parking lot with weapons,” Russell said.

Another parent says online, “Well my kids are not going to school until JPS airs a response to this. My son is at Jenks Freshman Academy. We deserve more info.”

Several parents are praising the student who brought the threat to an adult's attention, saying, "That student could've single handedly saved many lives with their bold decision to turn it in!! Great job everyone!!"

Another comment says, "So many lives could be so much different this morning. I am eternally grateful to the student who reported it and the quick action taken."

Russell says while it would have been nice to know what was going on earlier in the day, she trusts the district made the right decision.

"It would have probably caused more chaos if there was a premature call made to parents,” she said.

Jenks Public Schools encourages students to continue to speak up if they see anything suspicious in the future.