TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office seized animals from their owner Thursday morning.

Deputies say that they searched the property and found terrible conditions and several horse carcasses on the property. 

TCSO says they’ve been to this home several times for this issue and have been warned the owner.

More than 30 horses, along with several dogs, puppies and pigs are being taken away from the property.

The sheriff’s office says this investigation was triggered from an incident over the weekend, where a horse fell in a frozen pond on the property.

That horse had to be put down after being looked at by a vet.

Deputies also say a neighbor recently called about a horse with a gash in its leg.

The woman who lives on the property is not being arrested.

The sheriff’s office says it will turn its investigation over to the District Attorney, who will decide if any charges will be filed.