TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man says all he wants on this Valentine’s day is to get back his one true love, his 1986 customized Chevy truck.

Christen only owned it for six months and spent thousands of dollars, making it one of a kind.

He bought it for his 30th birthday and spent hours fixing it up and making it his own unique vehicle, but when he came out of his East Tulsa apartment two days ago, all he found was a pile of glass. Someone had broken the window and taken his beloved truck.

It wasn't much to look at when he first bought it but Christen did tons of bodywork, adding Bondo and sanding it, then painting it an eye-catching purple.

He had the windows tinted, added a purple headliner, even purple lights in the wheel wells and in the front and back and of course, added rims that really made it stand out. That's what he thinks the thief was after.

Christen says, "I understand you taking it for my rims and now you know it has a stereo system in it, so they're probably done and the lightbars in the front are probably gone."

He'd even added a Lambo door to the driver's side, although it wasn't complete and didn't have a chance to add the other one before it was stolen.

Christen says, "This is my personality. I want this truck to have. Doing it like everybody has project, with rat rods. This is my car, my personality."

He was going to replace the gearbox next. The new one is in the truck, still in the box, on the floorboard. He says he's been sick over this.

Christen says he didn't drive it around that much because he knew there are haters in the world.

He says he just wants it back, no matter what condition. Just drop it in a field where someone will see it. Christen works for a towing company and will go get it.

Christen, says he doesn’t care who took it, he just wants his truck back.

If you see it, call CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.