SAN FRANCISCO, California - The Navy is going to commission the USS Tulsa on Saturday.

The commissioning ceremony is taking place today at the navy base in San Francisco, California. Oklahoma Senator James Lankford will deliver the address during the ceremony and former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor is serving as the ship's sponsor.

 USS Tulsa Adds Artwork Made In Oklahoma              

After commissioning, the Independence-class warship will be home to 70-officers and sailors and it'll be based in San Diego. The Navy says the ship is capable of defending itself against enemy submarines, mines, and swarming small craft attacks.

The ship is only the second named for the City of Tulsa after a gunboat built nearly a century ago which saw action in the South Pacific during World War II.

Today in Tulsa the American Legion is hosting a watch party for residents to come and see. That's at American Legion Post One near 11th and Peoria. Doors open at noon. 

News on Six's Craig Day is in San Francisco for the Tulsa's commissioning! Tune in to News on Six tonight at six p-m for live coverage of the big event.

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