TULSA, Oklahoma - Snow plow truck drivers around Green Country are getting ready to hit the roads, many for the first time this year.

To give you a perspective the company Sooner Site Services said they bought new plowing equipment back in 2015 and 2016. Since then they've barely been used.

"We updated our plows we bought I think four new plows up here and that first year they sat in the show we didn't move them they still had the tags on them the next year when we hooked them up," said Gene Terronez, Owner of Sooner Site Services.

Monday, Terronez and his crew were hooking up plows, pulling out the ice melt out and getting ready to serve about 100 area businesses.

"Right now we have six that run in Tulsa we've got probably four or five that run in our Oklahoma City Office plows and we have salters and salt trucks," said Terronez.

Terronez who started this business in college said plowing isn't the only thing his company relies on, otherwise, he'd be in a much different position.

"The last couple years have been really slow luckily for us snow is something that we got into at the request at some of our sweeping customers," said Terronez. 

Terronez said he knows how unpredictable Oklahoma weather can be and made a point to diversify his business.

"We've been able to position ourselves to where we don't rely on this but when it does happen it feels good being able to take care of them and keep everyone safe," he said.

Monday night all of those crew members are spending the evening with their families and are on call throughout the night waiting for that first snowflake to hit.