TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa firefighters say they think the pipe probably broke sometime yesterday but the water started flowing today because everything melted.

Firefighters say the rupture began on the east side of the building and caused a lot damage inside. Crews say the water spread out around the building but the west side is mostly clear.

When crews arrived they found water pouring out of the ceiling at the entrance. They say it's not unusual for pipes to freeze then break when the weather warms up.

They say when it's been as cold as it has been they expect something like this to happen.

"We had a bunch of them last year. It is just one of those things where you just try to keep your heater on in your home and keep those pipes warm. If they get too cold they freeze and the break," said Andy Little with TFD.

Little says they're trying to get in touch with the property owner. He says the building is vacant and for sale.