KONAWA, Oklahoma - A funeral was held in Konawa Friday for the victim of last week’s deadly bus crash.

Rhindi Isaacs, 12, was remembered by hundreds of guests, during a celebration of life at the Konawa Public Schools Performing Arts Center.

Rhindi's own family member, Pastor Drew Isaacs, officiated the service.

“I think it was everything we could have hoped for to honor her in a wonderful way,” Isaacs said.

A week ago, a bus carrying Rhindi and her softball teammates was hit by an SUV going the wrong way on Highway 377 just outside Bowlegs.

Both vehicles caught fire.

Rhindi passed away at the scene.


The SUV driver and passenger, tentatively identified as John Tallbear and Shari Moore, also passed away.

Throughout the week to follow, Rhindi’s death has broken hearts across her hometown of Konawa.

“She loved to play softball. She had an infectious smile, full of life. She loved the Lord with all of her heart. She loved to go to church,” Isaacs said of his second cousin.

Church and faith have been at the center of Konawa's healing process.

Rhindi's classmates have also had counseling available through school.

Konawa Superintendent Cory Ellis confirms a plan is in place to help students cope moving forward.

“We put a plan together from the very beginning, and part of that was to allow teachers and students to get their feet in the ground,” Ellis said.

Even with their feet on the ground, Rhindi's loved ones won't soon forget her softball success, enthusiasm, and her smile.

“The truth is you never get over it, but you get through it,” Isaacs said.

OHP is still investigating the crash.