TULSA, Oklahoma - Non-essential businesses in 27 counties across Oklahoma are scheduled to close Wednesday night after an order from Governor Kevin Stitt.

Some of those businesses include hair and nail salons.

Hairdresser Brittany Shipman spent this Wednesday getting in as many of her clients as possible.

“For us this is a scheduling nightmare because we’re booked out six weeks, so it’s having to re-book, reschedule,” said Shipman, who owns Pure Ambiance.

Her Owasso shop, like others in counties effected by COVID-19, will be forced to close its doors at midnight for the next 21 days.

Meaning Shipman will be going without an income.

“We don’t work, we don’t get paid,” she said.

She said she understands why they’re doing it but is wondering how long it’ll last.

Across town at Jim’s Barber Shop, Harley Wilmot had several clients come in out of schedule.

She’s also worried about the financial impact.

“It will be impactive,” said Wilmot. “It’s definitely had its impact already; business has been slower.”

At nail salons, like Cali Pro Nails, ownership said business has also been slow in recent weeks but picked up today with clients making last minute appointments.

They only allow 10 people in a time and space them out.

Many News On 6 talked to said, despite the financial hit, they hope people stay home, safe, healthy and things get back to normal soon.

“Definitely don’t want anyone to get sick,” said Wilmot.