TULSA, Oklahoma - As COIVD-19 spreads across Green County, Tulsa's bus system is making changes to keep its employees safe and adjust to fewer people riding the bus.

On Monday, Tulsa transit will be limiting the number of passengers on its busses and changing its bus schedule.

A normal bus can also fit about 40 people on board. As COVID-19 makes its way across Oklahoma, transit systems like Tulsa Transit are having to adjust.

"Effective Monday, we are going to size our system to reflect the ridership levels that we have," said Tulsa Transit GM Ted Rieck.

So, what does that mean for riders? Well, it means Tulsa Transit will be running on at the same schedule it runs on Saturdays, because it's seeing about half the number of riders.

It will also limit the number of passengers who can get on a bus at the same time to help riders with social distance.

"So, the resize of the system gives us a little bit of flexibility on staffing we are also going to be issuing limited numbers of seats on the busses to be filled by riders," said Rieck.

General Manager Ted Rieck said there will be signs that will also be placed on busses showing where people can and cannot sit in order to keep them apart from one another while riding.

"I don't think I've been in a situation where you've had cut back service because of a public health emergency," said Rieck.

And while some riders said they understand why Tulsa Transit is cutting back, others said they disagree with the decision.

"It hurts a lot of people when they don't get the cha8nce to ride the bus like the older people that needs to go to the store doctors whatever," said one rider4.

While those changes will not go in effect until Monday, Rieck said he wants riders to know, he has no intension of stopping service completely

"We are considered an essential service and we are going to try and do our best to stay on the road," said Rieck.

Tulsa Transit said it will continue to disinfect high touch areas.