Michael Bever Interview Tape Played In Tulsa Courtroom

Thursday, May 3rd 2018, 2:20 pm
By: News On 6

Jurors in the Michael Bever murder trial heard his full videotaped confession to police. Bever is accused of killing his parents and three siblings.

During the interview, he went back and forth about his involvement in the crimes but eventually admitted to stabbing his little brother Christopher and mother April. 

In his interview, he told police he didn't stab anybody else, and also said didn't believe he actually killed anyone.

During the interview, Michael told them the plan with his brother Robert was very specific, but when everything started, nothing really went as planned. On the recording, Michael said he was supposed to be in charge of killing his dad, 5-year-old Victoria, and his 13-year-old sister who survived. 

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He told detectives in the recording he "didn't like it the minute it started."

Michael told police it was his brother Robert's idea but told them, "I did want to do it with him because he was going to do it no matter what. He said if I didn't help, he'd kill me too."

 "They were trying to get him to say, you want to be famous right? And he said well, Robert did. I just wanted my learner's permit. And I think that's the sincerity of Michael Bever that no one had seen until today." said Bever attorney Corbin Brewster.

In the interview, which police said is more than two hours long, Michael told police he stabbed his 7-year-old brother Christopher in the neck.

When detectives asked him what Christopher did to him to deserve this kind of death, Michael said Christopher was just a number - and that killing him seemed "pointless."

During the recording, Michael told investigators he didn't take the plan seriously at first but said: "it kept escalating."

He also talked in the interview about his and Robert's plan to travel across the country, killing five people at random gas stations on their way. 

"We'll wait and see what the defense has got to say. But my thought is they're going to try to make it out like Michael was incapable of doing those things and his words speak otherwise," said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.