Police Say Man In Creek County Custody After Stealing Car With Man Asleep Inside

Wednesday, January 1st 2020, 5:14 pm
By: Amy Avery

A Mannford man is in custody after investigators say he stole a car from a parking lot in Missouri with a man and goat inside and then drove nearly 150 miles to Creek County.

Creek County Sheriff's Office says a man called 911 saying he was sleeping inside a truck in a video store parking lot,  while his friend went inside. 

“The driver had gotten out and went inside and he was awakened when the guy entered the vehicle with a gun and held him at gun point and started driving this way,” said Chief Deputy Fred Clark from the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

He says when he woke up he saw Brandon Kirby wearing a mask pointing a gun at him.

The victim told investigators Kirby drove him through several cities including Joplin and Tulsa, before ultimately letting him and his pet goat go near West 71st Street South and South 241st West Avenue. The victim called 911 and dispatch was able to track his location from his cell phone.

Deputies were then able to use OnStar to find the truck in Sand Springs and contacted the police. Officers tried to initiate a traffic stop but Kirby took off leading officers on a chase.

“A Creek County deputy was able to deploy stop sticks to help slow the vehicle down even more and then Oklahoma Highway Patrol was able to use an effective maneuver on the vehicle to disable it,” said Chief Deputy Clark.

OHP eventually disabled the truck then Kirby got out and started running.

“He ran across 412 highway dropping a hand gun on his way and officers from law enforcement agencies involved were able to find him and they found one round from the gun on his person,” said Chief Deputy Clark.

Deputies say Brandon Kirby is well known to the Creek County Sheriff's Office. According to court documents, he's served time for charges ranging from Assault with a dangerous weapon to burglary to possession of a stolen vehicle, and now he’s adding kidnapping to his list.

Court Documents show Kirby has multiple felony convictions out of Creek, Osage and Tulsa Counties -- He also has an active warrant out of Osage County for Burglary.

Deputies say they're thankful officers were able to work together to get Kirby into custody.

"Any time anything like this happens its easier when all the agencies involved are able to communicate and work together from start to finish,” said Chief Deputy Clark.

Deputies say the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. They say he and his goat are back home safe in Missouri. Kirby was booked on a complaint of kidnapping, pointing a firearm and for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

","published":"2020-01-01T23:14:57.000Z","updated":"2020-01-02T03:17:17.000Z","summary":"A Creek County man is in custody after stealing a car with a man and his pet goat asleep inside.