American Airlines, Allegiant Aircraft Collide On The Ground At Tulsa Airport

Friday, December 27th 2019, 10:37 pm
By: News On 6

An American Airlines aircraft and an Allegiant plane collided while on the ground at the Tulsa International Airport Friday evening. Both airlines said there were passengers on the planes, but no one was hurt.

The Allegiant aircraft involved in the incident was being towed when the two aircraft collided, an American Airlines spokesperson said.

All the passengers were taken off the AA plane and were to be put on alternate flights Saturday morning. The AA flight was headed to Los Angeles, but was canceled. 

Allegiant Airlines confirmed the second aircraft was one of their flights. An Allegiant spokesperson said the wingtips of the planes hit. 

The Allegiant passengers were waiting as ground crews assessed the situation, he said. They planned to find alternate options for their passengers.

Allegiant Airlines later issued the following statement:

"While pushing back from the gate, the aircraft wing tip brushed an aircraft at the adjacent gate. Passengers deplaned while the aircraft was inspected and cleared by maintenance. Crew and station staff have kept passengers updated during the delay, and the flight should be underway again shortly. We apologize to our passengers for this incident and its unanticipated disruption to their travel plans, and thank them for their patience."