Tulsa Mother Seeks Answers After Son Brutally Murdered; 2 Persons Of Interest Wanted

Sunday, December 22nd 2019, 11:00 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

A Tulsa woman is mourning the loss of her son after he was brutally murdered by who authorities say are members of the United Aryan Brotherhood gang.

"I miss him, I just wish I knew why they did this. Why did it have to be so brutal?” said mother Toni Langworthy of the murder of her 23-year-old son Jared Langworthy.

It’s been nearly two weeks since News On 6 told you about Langworthy’s death.  Authorities believe he was killed by members of the Aryan Brotherhood, a prominent prison gang in Tulsa.

Now, Toni is left with nothing but tears and memories of her son, who she said was always riding a horse or a motorcycle.


“He wanted to be the next Lane Frost,” she recalled. "I ask myself what I could have done or said."

Toni said her son had been in and out of prison for years and found the wrong crowd. She said sometime during that period her son joined the Aryan Brotherhood.

On December 6 she got the phone call every mother dreads. A friend called to tell her that her son was found in a ditch, beaten and burned. He died in the hospital the next day. She said she saw him just hours before.

“It's hard, that same day, we had lunch at the table just me and him, and he said, ‘mom I will see you later.’ He said, ‘mom I love you’ and I said ‘bubba I love you, I love you too,’ and that’s the last time we talked,” Toni told News On 6.

Deputies arrested Sapulpa resident Cody Fulmer a few days later. Detectives said they are also looking for Jerry Williamson and Donnie Taylor who are associated with the Aryan Brotherhood. 

Toni said the men were Jared's friends -- and if they were involved -- she wants to know why they would kill her son.

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"That's the hard part, I am not getting closure, I have questions, and I need some answers, so I can heal,” Toni said with tears in her eyes.

Toni and her family haven't laid Jared to rest yet. She has started a GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses that's titled “Justice for Jared.”  

"I think about him every day. I just have to learn to live with his memory now,” she said.

Deputies said they are not sure if the two men are still in Tulsa or have fled the state.