17 Puppies Rescued, Need Adoption After Abandoned In Muskogee County

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 10:27 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Seventeen puppies are now in foster homes after being abandoned in Muskogee County.

“It was cold that day they were all soaked to the bone,” said Tonya Miller, a board member for Fur Babies Adoption & Rescue.

A person looking for rocks found the puppies abandoned along the Arkansas River off highway 16 near the town of Okay.

Miller said they could have been attacked by other predators in the area if somebody hadn’t found them fast enough.

"When we received them, they were very thin, full of worms, and sickly cold,” Miller said.

Miller said she unfortunately sees the scenario play out all too often.

"It only takes a moment for them to reach out and call a rescue to try to reach out for help so we can get the parents fixed. We can get the babies adopted out to forever homes,” Miller said.

They were able to deworm the animals and get them their shots.

“We help out the county. We take from surrounding areas. We also help people out who were not able to get their animals fixed,” Miller said.

Miller said the organization can help rescue animals through donations which can be dropped off at Mattie Jane's in Muskogee.

Miller said they could use dog food, puppy pads, blankets and money for medical treatments.

While Miller said the puppies are doing great, she hopes people will think about the big responsibility of owning a pet.

"First, think about the impact of what you are getting,” Miller said. “Don't get it just because it's a cute Christmas present with a cute reaction.”

The puppies will be up for adoption on December 21.

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