Fire Badly Damages D & J's Auto Clinic In Wagoner

Tuesday, November 5th 2019, 9:36 am
By: News On 6

The Wagoner Fire Department battled a fire at D & J's Auto Clinic near State and Cherokee in Wagoner.  Smoke could be seen for several miles outside of town Tuesday morning.
Firefighters said it was a tough fire to put out because there were gas tanks exploding and oil burning. They weren't able to attack the fire like they normally would because it was so dangerous.
Most of the building was destroyed.
According to Wagoner Fire, fire crews couldn’t immediately fight the fire because there were several explosions inside the building. Firefighters say the explosions were from the gas tanks of the cars housed in the shop.
Crews said the owners of the business were there when the fire started around 8 a.m., but they were able to get out safely. No one was injured, firefighters said.
Flames were shooting out of the roof when firefighters got to the scene. They said the fire spread into the attic and throughout the whole building.
Firefighters said there were cars parked around the business, so they had to to move as many vehicles as they could so they could get inside the building to put the fire out.
Once they got inside, they had to be careful because the roof was falling in.
"You've got cars in there," said Fire Chief Kelly Grooms, Wagoner Fire Department. "Fuel tanks started exploding - any car that has a fuel tank is going to explode. They have oil tanks in there. They have cans of gas, chemicals, all types of stuff.
"So when we first got here we had a lot of explosions going off, and that also affects what kind of entry you make."
Chief Grooms said it was a team effort, with firefighters from four different departments responding. 
A pontoon boat and car parked outside the building were also damaged. Part of the roof fell on the vehicle.
The City of Wagoner said tap water could be discolored due to the amount of water used to get the fire out. 
The owner of the building said she's heartbroken because so much history was lost with the fire. The building has been there for about 70 years, she said, and she has owned it since 2008.
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