Tulsa Police: Construction Worker Shoots, Kills Attacker

Wednesday, October 30th 2019, 6:22 am
By: Mallory Thomas

Detectives are investigating a deadly shooting at a construction site near 13th and Detroit.

Officers said the victim was sitting inside his truck getting the construction site ready for the day when a man carrying a piece of rebar ran up and started beating on the vehicle. When the man tried to get inside, the construction worker told police he pulled out a gun and fired because he was in fear for his life.

Police say the attacker died at the scene.

The victim was taken to the detective division for further questioning but police say he has since been released. Police do not expect to charges to be filed in the case.

"We could always look at the flip side of the coin in this situation. Had this gentleman not been able to protect himself properly he could have been the victim in this homicide. So we like our citizens to take care of themselves and to make sure they're safe - and if they are going to carry a firearm, do it properly," said TPD Sgt. Shane Tuell.

Police are working to identify the man who was killed. They said they are waiting for the Medical Examiner's Office to identify the man by his fingerprints.



","published":"2019-10-30T11:22:05.000Z","updated":"2019-10-30T18:29:05.000Z","summary":"Tulsa Police said one person is dead after a shooting near 13th Street and Detroit.