Creek County Man Seriously Hurt After Being Beaten With Crowbars

Sunday, October 27th 2019, 9:00 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

The Creek County Sheriff's Office is investigating an assault on Calvin Hutson, after he was seriously beaten by a group of people.

"It very well could have killed him," Hutson's wife Diamond Shelton said.

She said all Hutson was trying to do was lend a helping hand when two women knocked on the door of his family's home early Tuesday morning. She told News on 6 that the women said they needed help starting their car.

"He's peaceful, and he doesn't hurt, he helps and would give a stranger the shirt off his back if he could," Shelton said.

However, she said when he got to the car, he said it started immediately, and that's when he knew something was wrong. Hutson said when he leaned out of the car, he was struck in the head with a crowbar and struck in the body with another crowbar or weapon from two men who were hiding.

Shelton said she could hear his screams as he fought for his life.

"I just was really hoping when I got down there, I didn't find my husband laying on the ground dead," Shelton said. 

She said the two men and two women drove off in what Hutson said was a red jeep with stickers in the back.

Hutson walked away with scrapes and bruises to the head arms and legs. Much of their family lives on the same road and his brother-in-law Chance Marsey said the attack has them scared for their safety.

"We try to teach our kids to be nice to everybody and help when you can and now you have to second guess that, because all he was trying to do was help and he could have lost his life over it," Marsey said.

Hutson is out of town and couldn't talk to News On 6, but Shelton said they all just want answers.

"He just wants to know why anyone would do that to him," said Shelton. "No good deed goes unpunished anymore."

The Creek County Sheriff's Office is still investigating. No arrests have been made.

Deputies ask anyone with information to come forward.