Rogers County Man Charged With Peeping Into Neighbor's Window

Tuesday, October 22nd 2019, 7:03 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County prosecutors have charged a man with peeping into a neighbor's window. Tobie Munroe turned himself in after the charge was filed Monday.

He was booked into jail and released on bond.

The actual charge against Tobie Munroe is loitering around the residence to watch the occupants. The affidavit says the incident happened in March. It says a woman called police to say she was in her bathroom naked, getting out of the shower when she saw a cell phone on her window, so she grabbed a towel and ran outside.

She says she saw her neighbor Tobie Munroe hiding behind a tree on the property line between her property and his.
She says he waved at her, then walked to his house.

The affidavit says she met with Munroe and his wife the next day, and he admitted he accidentally saw her naked when he was taking out the trash. He denied watching her on his phone, the court document said.

It says he told her, he hid behind a tree so their other neighbor who was outside would not get the wrong idea. The affidavit says she met with Munroe and his wife the next day and told them that other neighbor had video of the incident.

She told police that time, Munroe admitted he did put his cell phone up to her window but again denied watching her. The woman said Munroe then admitted looking at her on his phone just to make sure the coast was clear.

On social media, Munroe lists his job as a senior designer at Church on the Move. We called them, but have not heard back.

Munroe does not have an attorney listed on the criminal case yet, so we messaged Munroe on social media for his side of the story - but also have not heard back.