Tulsa Woman's Dog Dies In The Hands Of Pet Resort

Friday, October 11th 2019, 8:31 pm

A Tulsa woman is looking for answers after finding out her German Shepherd died at local pet resort.

Cherie Calico said that she boarded her 2-year-old German shepherd Luna at Broken Arrow Pet Resort. 

She gave them Luna and three other German shepherds to be kept there for 5 days while Calico and her husband were out of state. On Sunday, she got a call that Luna had managed to break the roof off the kennel and strangled herself with a cable. 

"Everything anyone would experience when any of your pets [die], because pets are your children," says Calico.

She says it was the first time she used the resort - and she never expected to get that call. “We were totally in shock. Nothing we ever expected to hear while we were out of town.”

Calico says all she wanted was an in-person explanation from the resort owner Doctor Ross Clark - but says no one ever came.

We spoke to Clark, who says this is the first time an accident like this has ever happened. He says Luna was staying in a kennel that was half indoor and half outdoor. He says it appeared Luna somehow got the cable inside the kennel - and strangled herself.

"This is unusual that it has a roof on the facility, and the dogs got the roof off and the cable in some way," Clark said.

Clark says they plan to make the walls higher so that this doesn't happen again. Clark says he has offered the Calicos compensation.

“It’s an extremely sorrowful event for us we are sorry that this happened to Luna,” says Clark. “There’s just nothing we can do to replace her.”

The Calicos say they haven’t decided whether to take legal action.

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